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No Bake Malteaser Fridge Cake 

You need to make this now. You need to get up, go to your local shop and buy some Malteaser’s and have this cake in your life. You will not regret your decision. This fridge cake is the most heavenly, chocolate filled, delicious, scrumptious thing you’ll ever taste. With so few ingredients and very little time needed its the go to when you’re not sure what to make. Maybe you have a bake sale at school, a party at a friends, or an event at work? Wow them with this and they’ll never know it took you less than 20 minutes to knock it together. 

Inspiration came for this when I had a leftover share bag of malteasers lying around. I know what you’re thinking, why did a chocoholic like me ever have a bag of malteasers just sat there?! Explanation – a trip to the cinema involving pick and mix, sweet & salty popcorn , and these malteasers = one full Emma. Therefore the bag was left untouched. So I thought I would put them to good use. 

You will need: 

– Share bag of malteasers (I used the even bigger sharing share bag) 

– 250g of digestives 

– 180g of butter 

– 200g bar of Cadbury’s chocolate (or any chocolate of your choice) 

– 150g of dark chocolate 

– 1/2 share bag of Milky Bar buttons (or a bar of white chocolate) 

(These different chocolate are optional, you can just use another 200g Cadbury bar and smother that on top, I just liked the variety) 

– 4 tbsp of golden syrup 

– baking tin – line it with baking parchment 

Start by breaking up your biscuits. I put mine in a sandwich bag and grabbed a rolling pin and got angry. Make them into breadcrumb style peices. 

Then add your butter, Cadbury chocolate, and golden syrup to a microwave safe bowl and pop in the microwave. Put it in for 30 second blasts and stir in between until it has all melted. Then add in your crumbed digestives and combine. 

At this stage its time to open up the Malteaser’s – set aside about 30 for decoration. Add in the rest to the mixture and stir it together as best you can. Empty out your chocolatey concoction to your baking tin and press it down firmly so its very compact. 

Next you need to put your dark and white chocolate into separate bowl and microwave these until melted. Again I put them in for 30 seconds at a time and stir between. 

Smooth your dark chocolate over the Malteaser biscuit base and then add your white chocolate as artistically as you desire! Add on the extra malteasers and there you have your masterpiece complete. 

Pop it in the fridge for 2-4 hours, cut into peices and enjoy!!!! Best kept in the fridge. 


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