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Raw Energy Balls – Peanut Butter & Chocolate Orange 

I am a snackaholic. Three meals a day? No, my day goes more like – breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, after work snack, tea, evening snack, and maybe even a before bed snack thrown in for good measure. Seeing as I like to graze so often I really try to find healthier things to eat, rather than all of it being packaged and processed. Which is where these raw energy balls come in! 

Made from all natural ingredients with no nasty additives they are perfect guilt free snacks. I decided to use my 2 favourite flavours – chocolate orange and peanut butter. They are the perfect afternoon pick me up and definitely good if you have a sweet tooth. So save yourself some money and make a batch of these for the week. 

First up, the Peanut Butter ingredients – makes 8

– 85g of oats

– 50g of cashews 

– 100g of pitted dates 

– 2 tbsp of peanut butter 

– 1 tsp of olive oil 

– 2 tbsp of water 

– 1 tsp of maple syrup 

And secondly the Chocolate Orange ones – again this makes 8 

– 85g of oats

– 50g of cashews

– 100g pitted dates

– 1/4 of an orange, the zest 

– 2 tbsp of cocoa powder

– small squeeze of orange juice (1-2 tbsp)

– 2 tbsp of water 

– 1 tsp of olive oil 

For both of these recipes it is extremely simple and just requires your hands and a food blender. 

Add in all of your ingredients and blend them altogether. It will take about 2 minutes or so and then once the ingredients are all mixed test it out and see if it is sticky enough to come together. Grab a small amount of mixture and roll it into a ball. As I said above this makes 8 balls per flavour, but make them smaller or bigger as you like. 

When they are all rolled pop them in some containers and put them in the fridge. I keep mine stored in the fridge then take them out as I need them, either to eat there and then or to take to work. In that case I put them in foil and you can either put them in the fridge at work, or I find they are fine to just leave out. They will last 2-3 weeks in the fridge, and if you haven’t gobbled them all up by then they freeze very well. 

I hope you enjoy these delicious raw energy balls, and see for yourself just how quick and straight forward they are. A great addition to your weekly food prep! 


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