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What I ate in Edinburgh 

Just this weekend I ventured all the way up North and visited the fabulous City that is Edinburgh in Scotland. I’ve never been there before! Well… I said this exact same thing to my Mum who then replied with – “Yes you have, dont you remember? You were in a push chair at the time.” Anyone else’s Mum do that? Unfortunately I can’t quite remember my days in a push chair. So we’ll go with I’ve never been. 

I managed to get an amazing deal on the trains with Virgin, a return costing me a mere £10. You should really look out for their offers if you fancy a weekend away. So off I went with my pal Ashleigh to enjoy Edinburgh and all of the delicious food it had to offer…

Saturday 21st 

11.30am – The Pantry 

We got to our hotel and immediately wanted brunch. We’d Googled lots of brunch places before we arrived so we knew we’d have options, but this seemed like the best place to try. So with our phone maps at the ready we hunted down The Pantry. It was such a lovely cafe with a very cosy and friendly atmosphere. Even though it was busy we got seated straight away. I was planning on avocado and eggs, the classic brunch option – but when I saw the menu and there were apple, cinnamon, and raisin waffles my mind was made up. The waffles came with poached plums, peanut butter granola, and vanilla cream – all sandwiched together with gooey and delicious cooked apples. I also ordered a beautiful latte to go with that I didn’t even want to stir! 

Ashleigh went savoury with a pulled beef brisket Quesedilla – a fine choice. 

We finished off our brunch and shared something sweet (can you tell I’ve got a sweet tooth?) We ordered a Vegan and Gluten Free Peanut Brownie. Although neither of us are Vegan or Gluten Free I always like to try something different, and this was gorgeous. They had so many cakes on display it was hard to just stop at ordering this. 

2.45pm – Devils Advocate 

After lots of walking and stair climbing to Edinburgh Castle we were both in the mood for a drink and found this great bar called The Devils Advocate. It was so cosy and really hidden away (thanks once again Google Maps) I opted for the Strawberry Sympathy which was Gin based with Strawberry, Lime and Honey. 

They also did food there which looked amazing – so if you’re around Edinburgh Castle I would definitely recommend it.
6.30pm – Pickles 

This was a recommendation from a friend and I was determined to find it and go for food. Its quite a small place, but very inviting. We had to wait a while for a table but we managed to plonk ourselves by the bar and sip on Sloe Gin and Tonics. When we got our table the service was super speedy. The menu isn’t very extensive and boasts mainly Cheese and Meat sharing boards – my perfect idea of a meal. It came with bread, oat cakes, olives, chutneys and pickles and was all in all a heavenly meal. 

Sunday 22nd 

11am – Loudons Cafe & Bakery 

We found this one by searching online and it came up as a great place for Breakfast. It was also conveniently only a 15 minute walk from our hotel. We set off hungry, with Avocado on the brain. We got in just in time as once we sat down the queue was out of the door! I ordered the best Caramel Latte I think I’ve ever tasted and then my brunch arrived and it was out of this world. 

They really had jazzed up a simple Avocado and Eggs on toast – adding cooked tomatoes and a garlic oil. There was so much on offer on the menu that anyone could go – Fry ups, Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs Benedict, Vegetarian options… it was glorious. 
2pm – Eteaket 

We had passed this place the day before and made a mental note to go. We are both tea lovers so it seemed a no brainier. I ordered the Cream tea which came with a Scone, Jam, and Clotted Cream. You could pick any flavour tea you wanted, and believe me there were so many types to pick you’d be spoilt for choice. But I just went for the basic Breakfast Blend as that is my favourite type of tea. 

4.15pm – MiMi’s Bakehouse 

Our time in Edinburgh was coming to an end, but there was still somewhere I had to visit that we’d seen online. Mimi’s Bakehouse. As we were wondering round we built in a trip there. I was still stuffed from the Cream tea so decided to get something to go. There were so many options of cupcakes, brownies, and tiffins, but I opted for the Areo Traybake – and munched my way through it on the train home. 

It was a delightful weekend filled with all things food and Gin! Let me know if you’ve tried anywhere that I went too, or any other recommendations you have. Walking around I could see there were a million and one places that I’d love to go and try on a future visit. 

Now all things food have been shared – here are a couple of snaps of actual Edinburgh that I took. It really is a beautiful City. 


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