Recent Bakes #1 – Cake Edition 

If you follow me on Instagram (@emmastayinghealthy) you might have seen these cakes posted that I made towards the end of last year. I never got around to posting about them – new years resolution is to try and blog more! We’ll see how that goes, considering its the 15th of January and this is my first post of 2017. So actually I suppose a Happy New Year is in order to everyone! Hope you all had a lovely festive period, and all being well you will be seeing more posts from me this year.

Anyway, where were we… ahh yes – cakes. I love baking; I find it the most relaxing thing in the world (minus the clear up at the end) and from time to time friends/colleagues have asked me to make them cakes for certain celebrations, or I make one for a birthday, if i’m feeling generous. These 4 cakes were all for birthdays – and I absolutely loved making them!

Firstly was this lovely rainbow chocolate cake. It was a chocolate sponge sandwiched together with chocolate butter cream and covered with KitKat’s, Smarties and M&M’s. I’d seen these all over Pinterest and was dying to give one a try – I was delighted how it turned out. I used a basic sponge and buttercream recipe, and the rest was just decoration.

The second cake was something similar, as the first went down a treat. It was requested by a friend for their friends 30th and I was so happy to make it for them! Again it was all chocolate everything, with the stars of the show being Cadbury’s fingers, Malteasers, and Buttons. These styles of cakes are so aesthetically pleasing, and you can make them as colourful or as subtle as you like!

My next cake of 2016 was a Kinder lovers dream. I think chocolate cakes are my favourite type to make, probably becuase im a self confessed chocolholic – note to self – branch out more in 2017 beyond the world of chocolate. This had a slight twist with the melted white chocolate drizzled on top, very messy but great fun. I really love the effect of a bow tied round a cake, it makes it look extra special when it’s someone’s birthday.

My final celebration cake was this festive themed one. Now I know you’ve probably all seen these drip style cakes plastered over Instagram and Pinterest, so I just had to try one. This particular cake was a 3 layer chocolate sponge, sandwiched together and coated in vanilla buttercream, then topped with a dark chocolate ganache that was used for the drip effect. I then topped it with Curly Wurly’s, Cadbury bars, Snow Bites, and Cadbury Snowmen. I think i’ve gained about 10lbs just looking at that cake!

In 2017 I really want to branch out more and work on my cake decorating skills. So expect more cake themed posts from me. Any recipes you want me to share, or try then please comment and let me know!


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