The Balloon Tree Cafe – York

It was beautiful weather in Yorkshire today, so a perfect day to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. We don’t get endless summer days in England so you have to make the most of it when the sun has got its hat on.One of my favourite places to go is The Balloon Tree Farm Shop and Cafe on Stamford Bridge road. It was actually my dad who introduced me to this place – I think he’s addicted to their Eggs Benedict and Pavlova. I think you would be too if you tried it though. 
Myself and Oli set off pretty early at 10am, well early for a Sunday, as we wanted to catch their breakfast menu which goes on until 11.30am. There was a perfect table outside in the sunshine so we established ourselves there and browsed the menu. I had a craving for bacon, so ordered the eggy bread with a side of crispy bacon. Oli’s a vegetarian, but The Balloon Tree cater extremely well and do a vegetarian full English breakfast. Perfect. 

Whilst we waiting for our food we ordered a Caramel Latte – my favourite type of coffee in the world. This one was especially good, even rivalling my Starbucks and Costa addiction. 

We sat and sipped our coffee, soaking up the sun. Then the star of the shows arrived. I haven’t had eggy bread in years and having this has reminded me that I really need to start making it. So simple, yet so tasty. I was even eyeing up Oli’s veggie fry up which looked pretty impressive. 

Their cake selection is to die for as well. Very tempting to order one of everything. 

Once we we’d finished eating we had a nosey round the shop which has so much to look at and such a diverse range of things. From colourful fruit and veg, to gift wrap and candles. 

They sell so many cakes, biscuits and spreads, and even have a hot counter where you can get homemade sausage rolls and pies. 

I ended up picking up some of these Malteaser Biscuit Cakes which you can also buy in the cafe. They are a chocolate lovers dream. 

Another great thing about this place is its not just a cafe, they have a pick your own place and animals to feed too. So naturally, we went and did both. 

Strawberry picking is up there with one of my favourite summer things to do. Definitely takes me back to being a kid. We decided to just go for strawberries – but there are so many different types of fruits you can pick there! They even do pumpkins around Halloween time which I have already pre-planned to come and do. 

After some good foraging we had a perfect amount of juicy looking strawberries and decided to wander over to the animals. We didn’t buy any feed, but decided to just go and look. 

Oli made friends with a goat, and he was very happy about it. They were pretty inseparable. 

I, however, liked the pigs. They were so cute and seemed very happy snorting away! 

Our time at The Balloon Tree was finally over. We went and paid for our strawberries and headed on home. I’m sure we’ll be back very soon for some more food & fun! 


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