Recipe: Over night oats 

I think these over night oats have become one of my favourite breakfasts. Not only are they super quick and easy to prepare, but they are an extremely delicious start to the day. I thought I would share the recipe. Its nothing ground breaking, and i’m sure there are so many othe ways to prepare over night oats, but this is just how I do it. Feel free to alter the measurements to suit you! 

You will need: 

– 250ml dark chocolate almond milk (Or you can use regular almond milk and mix in 10g hot chocolate/cocoa powder) 

– 2 tbsp Greek Yogurt

– 55g Rolled Oats 

– 1 banana 

– Container to store it in

– 1 tbsp Peanut Butter for toppings 

optional toppings: raisins, nutella, any other nut butter, literally anything you want!

Step 1: 

Ok so first of all you’re going to need to weigh out your 55g of oats into the container. As I said these are just the measurements that I use, so if you want less or more then go for it. Just make sure to adjust the milk content accordingly. 

Step 2: 

Measure the milk out and add it to the oats. Addicted to this dark chocolate almond milk at the moment. 

Step 3: 


Grab a spoon and dollop the yogurt into the oats and give it a good stir in! I find the Greek Yogurt makes the oats a lot more creamier the next day and definitely more filling. 

Step 4: 


Chop your banana into the oat mixture  and stir it around. You could at this point mash your banana, but I prefer it to be left in chunks. I find adding the banana now instead of in the morning give the oats a much sweeter flavour, and suprisingly enough a more banana flavour too! 

Step 5: 

Pop the lid on your container and put it in the fridge and leave over night! I usually make mine when I get in from work so they spend a bit longer than over night in the fride, which is also fine. 

Step 6: 


Add toppings!!! I usually put this on in the morning before I leave, but the night before would be fine too, it might just sink into your oats is all. Obviously I chose peanut butter for mine, so added a generous spoonful of it on top and then you’re ready to go!  

I hope you all enjoy your yummy and healthy on the go breakfasts. They really are a life saver when you have to be up early in the morning and just want to leave the house!


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