Amsterdam Day 3 

This morning began with us both craving pancakes. We couldn’t stay away from the pancake bakery for too long so went there for breakfast. Here’s another picure of our delicious pancakes, because I know you want to see them again! 


I went for banana and Nutella, which is the best combination ever created in my opinion. Full to the brim we sat and tried to work out the route to the train station as our plan for the day was to go the Ajax arena for a tour. We had our bikes until late that afternoon so cycled to the station. Clearly a few other people had that idea too…

Finding space was slightly tricky, and we ended up behind the station. But we locked our bikes up eventually and went to buy our tickets to get the train. Naturally we got on the worng train, but after asking a few questions and switching trains we were on our way! 

Now football isn’t my favourite thing in the world, but considering Oli had endured some horrible hayfever so I could go to the park the previous day it was the least I could do to go round the stadium with him; and in all honesty, I even enjoyed it! 


Tour done and I was in major need of feeding my Latte addiction, so we went for drink before getting the train back.  

The weather was seriously amazing that day. It genuinly felt like we were in Spain, so once we got back I stopped at Dr Blend for a refreshing smoothie. It was such a fabulous juice bar and sold every type of juice and smoothie you could imagine with every sort of fruit and vegetable you could think of. 


So pleased with my smoothie in that picture. It contained Pineapple, Stawberries, banana and pineapple juice. Delicious. And if you thought I hadn’t had enough beverages for one afternoon we then stopped at a bar down the road from us for a drink in the sun. 



I could look at that view all day. I was slowly falling in love with Amsterdam, it was so pretty and the atmosphere was so relaxed and enjoyable. Then we needed to get ready for a meal out, so up we climbed to refresh ourselves! A couple of hours later we found our way to an Italian restuaunt down a cute little back street. You might be able to tell by now that our favourite foods seem to be pancakes and pizza. 



Now what would our last night be without my new found favourite cocktail! We somehow managed to find our way back to the Tapas bar we visited a couple of nights before and enjoyed a refreshing Mojito. 


Along with a walk around the infamous red light district. It was very different to what I expected, and can I say that the women were very glamorous! As you can’t take pictures around those areas (not that anyone would really like to see that) Here’s a couple of snaps from our walk back to the apartment. 


Such an amazing few days away and I was definitely not ready to travel home the next day and return to reality. But you can’t stay away forever! I can definitely see myself wanting to return to Amsterdam. It’s made me want another holiday as soon as possible, and I am definitely sufferring with the holiday blues this week! 



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