Amsterdam Day 2 

We woke up starving so got ready and went in search of breakfast. After our hike down the four flights of treturous stairs our hunger had reached a whole new level so we walked down the street next to our apartment and found the perfect spot to stop. The weather was glorious and we established a place in the sun and ordered our food. 

Might I say that the Latte’s in Amsterdam are some of the best I have tasted… they quite possibly taste as thought they are made with double cream, but who cares when they are that delicious! and I always got a mini caramel waffle with them on the side to dip, which is always a winner in my book. 


I ordred some yogurt with museli and Oli went for his favourite combination of the holiday…mozzerella and pesto! We soaked up the sun a little longer then headed off. The previous day we decided to rent our bikes for a further 24 hours as they were so convenient and we were having lots of fun riding them around so we made our way to the hire shop and paid what we owed. Our plan for the day was to head to Oosterpark.

We made it there, got an ice cream and relaxed in the lovely sunshine. 


The park was so peaceful and a lovely pitstop between our cycling. We even found one of the huge Amsterdam signs. 

But I didn’t fancy climbing one of the letters to have a picture taken knowing my clumsy nature, so I let everyone else get on with that!

Although the park was as charming as I had expected, Oli’s hayfever did not agree. So we headed out of there as soon as it started to kick in and came across the Museum square. We both decided we should sample something cultural whilst in Amsterdam so bought tickets to the Van Gogh Museum. We lasted approximately 20 minutes in there. I know some people would have loved it, but unfortunately it is not mine nor Oli’s cup of tea so we left the Museum and got back on our bikes. 

Luckily close by there was a hard rock cafe and we were in desperate need of some food. They had a lovely terrace that backed onto a canal so slunk down in a seat and ordered some food and drinks. 


Lovely view, delicious food and fabulous company. All in all an afternoon well spent.

We eventually had to peel ourselves away from our seats and make our way back, taking the long route home… ok, when I say longe route I mean I thought I knew where we were going but ended up getting us slightly lost… But that just meant more sightseeing! At least thats what I told myself. 

But all minuses turn into pluses becuase if we had never got lost we would have never found these enormous cloggs for me to have my photo taken in! I think in the end we can all agree it was worth it. 

Exhausted after our extra long bike ride we settled in the bar just outside where we staying. It was lovely and warm and the sun was just starting to set so we settled in and ordered some drinks. 

A nice man even came round and offered to take a polaroid picture of us for 5 euros. Influenced by 2 or 3 vodka lemonades and beers we agreed, and oh were we glad we did! Look at this beauty of a photo…

 Really worth the money, I think it really brings out our eyes. Don’t you? 

A couple drinks later and the sun had set and it was definitely time for bed, ready for our final full day! 


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