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Amsterdam Day 1

Long time no blog. I completely got out of the habit of blogging about anything which is really naughty and I must get back into it as I suddenly have some inspiration back. I would like to thank my recent trip to Amsterdam for providing me with this enthusiasm for blogging again as I want too share my holiday. I think lifestyle posts are really great when it comes to keeping memories forever, when things are fresh in your mind you can write them up and have them there forever in cyberspace! So let me begin…

My boyfriend Oli and I booked our long weekend break in Amsterdam earlier this year for my birthday and it came around so quickly. Do you ever have those moments where you feel as though you have all the time in the world and then all of a sudden you’re throwing loads of washing in, booking travel insurance, and trying to find your travel toothbrush all the night before you leave? Well that was us. Then on top of all that I was put in charge of travel documents, which all my friends will agree should not be my job. 

Once everything was packed and I had triple checked that the boarding passes and passports were safely in my bag we were on our way to Leeds Bradford airport. The flight there was so easy, and before we knew it we were in Amsterdam on our way to the apartment. First of all though we had to pay the ridiculous taxi fare, 55 euros to be exact, for our 10 minute journey. But who were we to argue with our driver who looked as though he had come straight from the mafia! 

Next we tackled the stairs, the apartment description said they were quite steep and not suitable for older people… it never occurred to me that they would be as steep as they were! Lets just say they were more like a ladder than a staircase and we happened to be on the 3rd floor and our bedroom was on the 4th…
Once our cases were dragged up the obstacle like stairs we plonked them in the living room and headed straight out to see the sights and establish where abouts we were. It was located on a street called Prinsengracht and was literally just up the road from the Ann Frank Museum, prime location!

We wondered up the streets and looked at the pretty canals and soaked in the atmosphere then headed to find something to eat, we had worked up a major appetite from our climb to the apartment. We decided on Italian, you can never go wrong with a pizza washed down with glass of rose wine. 


We meandered through the hustle and bustle of people and made it back to our place so we could get a good nights sleep ready for our first full day in Amsterdam.


We woke up fresh and to the sight of sunshine streaming through the curtains. My first thought was food… shockingly enough. On our walk around the previous night we saw that approximately 100 metres from our front door was the pancake bakery. Perfect. 

We got ready and walked to get our pancake breakfast! and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. I opted for the american style blueberry pancake with extra banana, honey, yogurt ice cream, and cream. Whereas Oli went for savoury, topped with tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto. So delicious. 

We waddled out of the restaurant full and happy and went on the hunt for some bikes to rent! I was slightly apprehensive about riding a bike through Amsterdam. Firstly because I hadn’t ridden a bike since year 7 and secondly because bikes, mopeds, and cars came out at all angles and i’m not the most co-ordinated of people. But Oli persuaded me and I am so glad he did, I absolutely loved it! and so much easier to get around, if you’re ever in Amsterdam I highly recommend you hire one.  


Our port of call that day was the Heineken experience. We managed to get there via Oli’s map reading skills, I would have helped but my sense of direction is so horrific I just nodded and followed. We pre-ordered tickets and skipped the huge queue that had formed outside. With your ticket you get tokens for free beer which we were very excited about. I’m not a beer fan, but when its free how could I resist! We made out way through the experience and then went to collect our free drinks at the end, along with a free Heineken glass at the end. 

We left the building tipsy and happy from our beers and made our way back to the centre cautiously on our bikes. Beer + bikes = not the best combination for graceful cycling. We slowly but surely made it back to the apartment, freshened up and went straight back out to find somewhere to fill our bellies! 

We embarked on a very long, hungry, but scenic walk around the streets of Amsterdam. Seriously how pretty is this place?! 
Everntually we stumbled across a lovely little Tapas place outside. And might I add the best Mojito’s I have ever tasted. We ate, drank, and cozied up next to the outdoor heaters (the good weather didn’t last until the evening!) I am now a firm lover of Tapas after that taste bud experience and unfortunately only managed to photograph the first course of nachos as I was too hungry to stop when the other food arrived! 


We finished out meal and then headed back, ready for day two.  


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