Loving Lately #2

1. Smoothie 2 go:


The past couple of weeks I’ve rediscovered my Smoothie2go machine. My lovely Mum got me it as a birthday present about 2 years ago and it has been severely unloved… up until now! I’ve been using it as a current favourite breakfast option. It comes with to-go cups, hence the name of the machine, so it is extra simple to take with me to work for breakfast. I usually make them the night before and then store it in the fridge to just grab and go the next morning. I am still trying to discover my favourite recipe and have been toying with a few combinations; I shall put up a blog post on my top smoothie recipes once I have narrowed them down. But the ones I have made so far have been pretty tasty.

2. Sally Hanson Cuticle Cream


I used to be a massive nail biter. I still am sometimes but try to take care of my nails as best I can because I hate looking down at my hands and seeing horrible dry and un-kept fingernails. At the moment my nails are very short, I am the kind of person that when one nail breaks I have to cut all my others to the same length as I hate them being different; so I am hoping they grow back pretty quickly. Anyway I thought I’d pop it in this week’s Loving Lately post as funnily enough I have been loving it! I use this every night (well as often as I can remember) before bed and I wake up with very smooth and lovely cuticles. I can really notice a different when I don’t use it and just opt for hand cream on its own. I also think it’s helped with the overall condition of my nails as I massage it into my cuticles. I would definitely recommend a cuticle cream for anyone that suffers with dry hands or cuticles like I do.

3. New Crockery


A recent purchase I made this week was this bowl and plate from Sainsbury’s. They were on sale and I got both of them for just over £5. Bargain. I’m a sucker for presenting my food nicely; therefore buying these were a no brainer for me. They are adorable aren’t they?! Maybe it’s just me, but eating of crockery that is pretty makes me happy, whether that’s sad or not I don’t know… it really is the little things in life.

4.Lotus Biscoff Spread


Oh my god, where do I even begin with this stuff. I wish I could somehow send anyone who is reading this a jar so you could taste its magical flavour; unfortunately I can’t so I urge you to go out and buy some! (Currently almost half price in Sainsbury’s; yep I stocked up… a lot) It’s the perfect combination of sweet and then slightly bitter tang to it as well, probably not making it sound too appealing but honestly it’s divine. I usually eat mine with a banana or on some toast. Or even on these sweet omelettes I like to make.


Simply 2 eggs, tsp of agave nectar, vanilla essence, sprinkle of mixed spice all popped in a pan then a banana chopped into it and once its cooked top with a very generous dollop of spread! Perfection. My go to weekend breakfast.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone, and don’t forget… Go and buy some Biscoff spread!!


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