Review: Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

I love make up. Whether it’s applying it, buying it or watching YouTube videos on how other people put it on, I just can’t get enough. Therefore I have a rather vast collection of the stuff myself. But for this post I will just be focusing on foundation. Not all my foundations might I add, but one specific one that has stood out to me more than any recently for its amazing powers of changing me from a horrible morning gremlin at 6am, to a reasonably put together human being by the time I get to work.

I always switch up what foundation I use and love trying loads of different ones, I hope I’m not the only one who does this… no? Good. I used to never buy high end foundations and always stick to high street ones but eventually as my addiction grew I snuck a cheeky Clinique one here and an Estee Lauder one there. All very good foundations don’t get me wrong but the foundation I am writing about today has even surpassed those ones. What product am I talking about I hear you ask?! It is the Bourjois 123 Perfect!


Let me start off by complimenting the little things. I love the bottle and a foundation with a pump is always a winner for me! Bottles that you just open and pour (I’m looking at you Estee Lauder double wear) are just not practical! You waste product and even time trying get the right amount out, but with a pump you just need one or two and you’re set to go!



Quite creamy when you initially put it on your hand, which I was worried about at first as I have oily, spot prone skin (Best skin type ever… oh wait…) and I thought it might not suit me but once you pop it on your skin and buff it in it dries matte! Not a horrible matte that sticks and clogs but a really silky smooth matte. I’m not sure how else to describe it but it almost feels nourishing? Slight powdery effect one set completely but if you’re oily like me you’ll be thankful for that quality!



Again I have to give this foundation a 10/10 for coverage. It claims to contain Yellow, Mauve, and green pigments to combat dark circles, dull complexion and redness, which I really think it does achieve.  I like to put my foundation on light then add a more high coverage concealer where necessary as I feel this gives more of a natural look. With this I buff it on and it conceals so many areas that I wouldn’t have thought it had! Lots of my scaring from past break outs disappear and it covers redness and uneven skin tone like a dream. Obviously I’m left with the heavy duty areas still to cover, but I’m completely ok with that, this is only a foundation not a brand new face in a bottle! So I just go in with my concealer where needed.

Before application
Before application
After just foundation
After just foundation
Addition of concealer/powder
Addition of concealer/powder

Lasting power

This is where Bourjois 123 Perfect really shines for me. I’m all about the staying power of my foundations, referring back to my oily skin type this is a must for me with skin products. I need it to look good for the 10 hours I’m out the house for work; and this does the job fabulously!

I apply my usual Simple oil free moisturiser and then a little bit of the Clinique primer to my T-zone, then goes the foundation. I usually use 1 and a half pumps and find this is the perfect amount. I then powder just a little over the top with the Rimmel stay matte powder. You really don’t need a lot due to the slightly powdery finish of the foundation but I just can’t seem to miss out this step. So for others this might be something you don’t need to do.

As an experiment earlier last week I went the whole 10 or so hours when I was out of the house with no touch ups. The result: Yes there was a bit of oiliness to my face by the time I got home but it really wasn’t anything horrific, I like to think it was that lovely dewy glow people strive for. I might have been kidding myself but honestly I wasn’t itching to apply any powder because it really was not anything that made me feel self-conscious. The foundation hadn’t gone patchy; it hadn’t turned all cakey on my face like some do after being on for 6+ hours. It was smooth and everything was pretty much covered still. On a usual day I would powder over my T-zone mid-way through the day, and that makes the foundation last even longer! It has honestly been my saviour when I know I’ll be out the house for a long time.

I still swap and change between others I have in my collection, but I know that this one really does the job and I don’t need to worry about my oily face coming out to play towards the end of the day.

If you’re going to buy anything when you next pop into Boots I highly recommend you give this foundation a whirl, and with a price tag of £10.99 you really cannot go wrong!


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