Loving Lately #1

I’ve been inspired by a couple of blogs to do a weekly (or maybe fortnightly) round-up of things I’ve been loving; whether its beauty related, food, or even lifestyle. I want to focus on the positive things in life, no matter how small. I think this is going to become a regular Sunday post for me.

1. Graze boxes.
About 4 months ago I properly signed up for Graze boxes. I’d done it in the past when I had received one of those vouchers to get your first one free, but being a cheapskate I claimed my free food then cancelled my membership. How shameful! Now I’m no longer a poor student (actually I’m still haunted by my pretty large overdraft but we’ll ignore that for now…) I decided to sign up properly, just for 1 box per month. I got mine this week and being the foodie that I am I find it so exciting to open up and see what goodies I have to try. This month’s was especially tantalising for the taste buds. Bit too excited to try the marvellous macaroon; I love white chocolate a little too much. Plus that granola topper is calling my name for breakfast one day soon!


2. Instagram
I feel I could feature this love pretty much every week as I’m that addicted but thought I’d pop it in this one so I can announce my love for Instagram to you sooner rather than later! After stalking a fair few health and fitness related pages I thought I would set up my own about a year ago and I named it ‘emmastayinghealthy’. I just upload daily pictures of my food, it might sound boring to some but I really enjoy doing it and it helps to keep me motivated to eat as healthy as I can. I also find an incredible amount of inspiration from other account for meal ideas. Also can I just add that everyone is so friendly and supportive on there. I have never met any of them in person but no one hesitates to drop you an encouraging comment. Check it out if you fancy!


3. Homeland
Ok I admit it, I’m a series addict! Game of thrones, Breaking Bad, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, E.R, Pretty Little Liars… pretty much making my way through all of the series ever made. I just find them so addictive and have to binge watch them on a regular basis. It hurts my soul that I am now caught up with Game of Thrones and when it comes back on TV I am rationed to 1 episode a week. Not sure how I will cope with that, I’ll let you know. Anyway my current go to series is Homeland. Not going to lie, it started off quite slow in series 1 but now I have got into it I’m itching to finish this and get onto series 2. I bet you can guess how my Sunday evening will be spent… and can we all just take a second to appreciate the beauty of Damian Lewis.


I never used to be that much of a coffee addict, there was a time where I hated the stuff! I was always a tea lover (still am and always will be) but coffee… I cannot seem to start the day, or continue the day at lunchtime, or finish the work day late afternoon without a coffee by my side. My particular weakness is flavoured coffees. You won’t catch me ordering anything else apart from a caramel latte when I head to Starbucks, unless the seasonal drinks are out, that changes the game completely, Pumpkin Spice Latte beats all. I therefore have found a love for recreating these drinks at home, which is very helpful when my bank balance is screaming ‘NO MORE RIDICULOULSY PRICED LATTES PLEASE!’ I love getting the beanies coffees, there are so many flavours and I’ve almost finished my beloved gingerbread one, you can get these at pretty much any supermarket.

Also getting the syrups is a great way of getting that coffee shop flavour at home. I’ve currently got a few of the litre bottles saved on my eBay watch list after umm’ing and arr’ing over whether to buy them or not… let’s face it, one day soon they shall be on their way to my doorstep. My saviour has been this Starbucks flask though, early mornings and a hot coffee is a match made in heaven to me and this allows me to take my favourite drink on the go. Top Christmas present from my mum and I have pretty much used it every day since opening it on Christmas morning.


Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


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