Easy on the go lunches

So my blog posts have been pretty none existent for the past few months, which is very bad on my part, I want so much to be able to do one or two posts a week. I even made it my new years resolution, but we all know how well we stick to those… so I’m just going to see how this goes and hopefully I’ll get there in the end!

What better way to start off my new found blogging mojo than with a post to do with food, one of my favourite things. I thought I’d share with you my favourite lunches to take to work with me. They’re healthy, easy to prepare, very filling, and most importantly mega tasty!

Lunchtime, if you’re not careful, can get a bit mundane and repetitive when you always reach for the same sandwich and crisps everyday but with these you get variety and lots of different added health benefits in there too!


When someone says the word salad you probably associate that with endless amount of leaves, hunger, diets, and plain old bland food. But when I take a salad with me I like to mix it up and create a tasty lunchtime that puts your classic chicken salad to shame.


10943588_10153008995974593_530114821_n 10947564_10153008995889593_1964574886_n

I start off with the obvious… yep you guessed it salad! in the bottom of my lunchbox I layer whatever salad bag we have in with some chopped cucumber and tomatoes. That’s the boring bit over with I promise!

Then onto the main attraction… For the filling to my salad I usually like to have some kind of protein. With the three above I’ve mixed it between chicken, ham, and tuna. For the chicken I cook it the night before when making tea then its all sorted just to throw in.

** TIP ONE: prepare everything the night before, they keep in the fridge so well and everything tastes almost better the next day and it has a real ‘salad bar that you buy out’ flavour to it when all the elements combine.

Carrot salad

This is seen in all three of the examples above, I love making a big bowl of this at the start of the week and keeping it to use for all my lunches.

You will need:

– Carrots (of course) x4

– Dijon mustard 1tsp

– Light mayo 2tbsp

– A handful of currants or raisins

-Cider vinegar 1/2 tsp

Grate the carrots, and then mix in all the other ingredients. I told you this was simple!


Another well used ingredient in my lunches as its filling and again keeps in the fridge for the next day. I use the pre flavoured packets, you can get them from any supermarket and all you do is add boiling hot water and they’re done in about 2 minutes. Add that in along with your meet and delicious carrot salad and there you have it!

**TIP TWO: If you’re looking for a different carb to use other than coucous roast some sweet potato the night before with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and use that instead, its so yummy when cold!


Just recently have I discovered these delicious little things, not the most attractive food I’ve ever seen but we cant judge a book by its cover can we? They have a very earthy taste and to me they smell a bit beefy… I realise I’m not selling these to you at all but honestly I would go and try them. They’re full of fibre and protein and add a lovely texture and subtle flavour to a salad.




This is a great one to do as it means barely any work needs to be done. All I’m asking is that you make tea as usual and pop a portion of it into some Tupperware! Easy, quick, filling, and I find it tastes just as good hot for tea as it does cold the next day. I love to do this with homemade curry and casserole type dishes. But it would work equally as well with stir fry, pasta or even leftover lasagne. Mmmmmm anyone else getting hungry?!

Mini Crustless Quiches


These again are a good thing to batch make at the weekend and then pop them into your lunches throughout the week when the mood takes you. Here’s how to make them…

To make 6 you will need:

– A muffin tray

– 5 eggs

– 1tsp of basil

– ham

– 6 cherry tomatoes

– 70g of any cheese you fancy grated

Whisk the eggs in a bowl and add the basil and some salt and pepper.

Cut the ham into small pieces and half the cherry tomatoes.

Distribute the ham evenly between the muffin trays then pour the egg mix on top.

Then top them with the halved cherry tomatoes and sprinkle the cheese!

Put into the oven on 180 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until cooked and golden brown!

So yummy and so easy, seriously I can’t recommend these enough. You could also mix up with filling of them to anything you wanted, just let your imagination run wild.

So there you have it! A few tips on healthy and nutritious but also delicious food to take on the go. Put down those boring ham sandwiches and Boots meal deals and give one of these a go!


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