Relaxing Sunday 19/10/14

I love a good Sunday. No pressure, no deadlines, no stress, you can just do whatever you feel like and relax! So today I did just that. I woke up naturally (no one in their right mind would set an alarm, by choice, on a Sunday?!) and made myself a favourite breakfast of mine.


I plonked myself on the sofa and enjoyed my porridge and obligatory cup of tea in peace. I then decided to get some exercise in because personally it makes me feel better and fills me with energy. I got ready and headed to the gym…


Sporting my jazzy Nike leggings that my lovely Boyfriend bought me for Christmas! I was planning on just doing my own thing in the gym but I got there just before a spin class was about to start and there was a free place for me so I jumped at the chance. I sometimes don’t have enough motivation to coach myself in the gym for an hour so a class was very welcome that morning! The instructor gave me all the inspiration I needed to get through the 45 minute class and that was that, shower time then home.

I had a few hours to relax before me and the boyfriend, Oli, went out for our tea to get a curry.Β I had a light lunch in order to save myself for the feast ahead. The afternoon was spent sorting out some blog related things and also starting to practise my theory test! Its booked for the 3rd November, I’m nervous and want to pass so much as I really don’t want to have to fork out another Β£30 to try again!

Curry time soon came around and I got ready to go! Here’s what I wore…

15 1610

14 13 9

I wanted to be casual but still feel like I’d made an effort! I went for some loose flowery shorts from Ark with a h&m basic grey tshirt tucked into the front with a black fluffy cardigan over the top, again from h&m. I accessorized with a Fossil watch (I have 7. Shoppaholic problems.) and my new Office boots! Heads up, you’ll be seeing these a lot over the next few months.

We went to a very local Indian Restaurant and it was really delicious!! I chose a chicken Balti with boiled rice and then we ordered popadoms and naan bread to share. Managed to finish all my curry and most of the rice and I was absolutely full to the brim.Β  A lovely evening with pretty amazing company!

19 20 21

I then headed back to Oli’s house and snacked on some Munchies, I don’t think I can ever be filled! and just generally lazed about some more, continuing on todays theme. We also had major cuddles with his dog Lulu. He has a cockapoo and its the cutest dog ever, I just cant get enough of her.


She was definitely more into this selfie than I was… she’s like a little teddy bear and I love her so much. Definitely have my sights set on getting my own dog when I finally move out!

All in all, perfect Sunday.


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