The Beginning

First things first let me introduce myself… I’m Emma, I’m 21 and from the UK and I’ve just graduated with a degree in Media and Journalism.

Now the formal introduction is out of the way let me explain why I’m starting this blog! For years now I’ve read blogs, ranging from fashion and beauty, to cooking and lifestyle. I love reading peoples different takes and opinions on subjects that I enjoy and its always been a niggling feeling in the back of my mind that I would like to start my very own. Whether I will be any good is another question, but I’ve started now so we’ll see!

This is just an initial post to mark the start of my blog. I plan on including posts that will combine all the aspects I love about blogging; beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and I love food so I’m sure there will be a good cooking post too for all you foodies out there!

So now all there is to do is to start writing…….


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